big pineapple

big pineapple


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  1. claire says:

    This blog is terrible, all you have on the big pineapple is a picture -_______- Is it seriously that hard to write a caption or sentence of what you think about it or your experience? That is the point of a blog, expressing your opinions on parts of your life. Uploading pictures? That, my friend, is what Tumblr is for. Look it up hun, seems like you need to. You think your so cool don’t you mate, well your not. you are giving blogs a terrible reputation, for that I thank you….. NOT! Next time take five seconds out of your waste of a life and write a caption! Nobody cares about seeing a picture, its great and all but the public aren’t going to look for your blog in hope of a photo. They will go to Google Images for that.
    Peace out.

    • elyon says:

      Whoah, Claire you need to calm down. People can blog what they want, I don’t think you were given the title of ‘blog police’ now were you. A caption wasn’t even necessary for this picture. The title and photo say everything needed.

  2. claire says:

    Hey Elyon! take a step back mate, this isn’t your place to interfere. I have been working with blogs for years. I definitely know more than you. I KNOW MORE THAN EVERYONE! AND THAT INCLUDES YOU HUN.

  3. elyon says:

    fine,sorry. Its not your place either to say stuff like that.

  4. claire says:

    Sorry to all. I have been experiencing a rough week and took it out on this blog. My apologies to everyone.
    sincerely claire.
    sorry once more if i offended anyone

  5. elyon says:

    thats all fine c:

  6. claire says:

    much love claire xoxo

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