Happy New 2012 everyone, we’re back after our holidays and kick off with some nice new PB&J material that we found on “Internet”. Nice!

Here’s a clip from Dirty Laundry TV from our Gimme Some Exhibition, Peter interviewed.

ABC News put us on the #5 over the best albums 2011. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Here’s some coverage (in english!) from our last gig on the All You Can Eat Tour, in Stockholm.

Lot’s of love!
/ PB&J

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5 Responses to GIMME SOME 2012

  1. Stephen Fernandez says:

    Congrats on the ranking! Absolutely deserved, I love Gimme Some every bit as much as Writer’s Block, which was, of course, brilliant. Well done guys, we’re all proud of you!

    • Laura says:

      I try really hard to covncnie my families that books, blocks, and activities are the preferred gifts because not only do my kids not need more CRAP, but we just don’t have the space for more. It doesn’t ever go over well because THEY have the idea that kids need to see that big pile or Christmas sucks. And of course that gets passed down to the kids. We also do a playroom purge every year. We go through toys and talk about how we need to a) make room for more if they expect to get gifts, b) give them to kids who can’t afford new stuff (goodwill and such). I’m not sure it sinks in, but it’s worth a shot. I also clean out their playroom on my own once or twice a year getting rid of stuff they never play with but would whine about losing if they had to watch it go.McMamab4s last [type] ..

  2. Alex Beston says:

    Electric Dogland? was that the idea?

  3. Lisa says:

    Yea! for the top 5 listing!
    Gimme Some will be the top of my personal list all-time best albums along with some other faves:

    Nanci Griffith – Flyer
    Tom Petty and HBs – Damn the Torpedoes
    Beatles – Rubber Soul, and Revolver
    Neil Young – Harvest Moon
    The Cars – Candy-O
    Queen – Night at the Opera
    Coldplay – Parachutes
    John Mayer – Heavier Things
    Aimee Mann – Lost in Space

    Please check out Nanci Griffith if you never have, she’s an incredible songwriter, folk-country though. I think Peter would like her…

    thanks for Gimme Some and for the space,

  4. Mareike says:

    Congrats for the ABC news ranking!
    I LOVE this version of ┬┤Dig a little deeper`


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